TDD 15: Master Test-Driven Development in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Become a more confident and efficient developer with our comprehensive course on Test-Driven Development

Test-Driven Development is a coding technique that aims to design code iteratively by considering tests as executable specifications. TDD is about coding continuously forward with an application that constantly works as expected. It shifts the mind from continually fixing to iteratively building.The tricky thing is that even if TDD is quite simple to understand, it's hard to practice for a newcomer. Why that?

Because it's all about changing your habits!

How long have you been coding? Months? Years? Decades? You're used to your development workflow. You feel productive and comfy.Maybe you constantly debug your code with console.log. Perhaps you are a debugger master. Maybe you see your mistakes just after having made them. Possibly you must fix your (or others') bugs when the support raises a ticket. Maybe you're a bit afraid to refactor your project. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed when you have to develop this crucial new feature which, obviously, is expected for yesterday.It's not perfect, but that's OK for you. You know how to code; it makes you a living. This is how it is, right? That's the job of a software engineer.But here is the thing... What if you could make your life so much easier? What if there was another way of working? What if you could code by constantly going forward instead of endless back-and-forths? What if you were always sure that your code worked as expected? What if you were this one developer in the room who was super confident about their work? What if software development was now simple?Well, good news, that's exactly what this course is about! And to go there, we'll need to shift our minds and change our development habits.

TDD is simple, but it's a deep change

By enrolling in TDD 15, you are onboarding for a long-term change. It will be super easy, but it'll take time. But I'm sure that once you master TDD, you'll wonder how you developed before.I won't bullshit you. Testing-drive your development correctly will take you months. Anyone telling you he could teach TDD in a few days is either an idealist or a liar. Expect to see significant results in 3 months.Of course, I could teach you the red/green/refactor feedback loop in just half an hour. You would know the theory about how to TDD, but you'd still be unable to test-drive your developments and to feel the calm, serenity, and confidence which come with it.

What you'll learn with TDD 15

The TDD 15 course is designed to help developers master TDD in just 15 minutes a day. It's' focused on three key aspects.

  1. TDD requires a shift in mindset. To master TDD, you'll need to learn how to write tests before writing code, which is the fundamental principle of TDD. This shift in mindset can be challenging if you're accustomed to writing code first and then testing it, but through this course, you'll learn how to embrace this approach and become proficient in TDD.

  2. TDD requires a different set of skills. In addition to writing code, TDD requires strong testing skills, including the ability to design effective tests and to think about code design in terms of decoupling. These skills may not come naturally if you're not used to testing your code. However, this course will teach you these skills and help you develop the confidence and competence to apply TDD in your work.

  3. TDD requires a change in workflow. TDD involves a different workflow than traditional development, with a focus on iterative cycles of writing tests, writing code, and refactoring. This can be hard to get used to if you're used to working in a different way. However, by learning and applying the TDD workflow, you'll not only produce more reliable and maintainable code, but you'll also gain serenity and confidence in your work. Through this course, you'll learn how to follow the TDD workflow and integrate it into your development process, resulting in these benefits and more.

The course is self-paced and includes video lessons and exercises to help you learn at your own pace. You'll also get access to the TDD 15 Discord, an active community where we discuss ideas, get feedback, help each other and send motivation.All the lessons are technology agnostic. You can follow the course thoroughly with whatever language or framework you code. The examples will be provided in various languages, such as Typescript, PHP, or Kotlin. Fear not; as long as you master any OOP language, whether it is Javascript, Java, Python, Typescript, Java, C#, C++, PHP, Kotlin, Dart, or Ruby, the course will be valuable to you, and you'll be able to apply what you learn right away.

15 minutes a day, really?

Yes! 15 minutes a day, every working day, that's the method we'll use to change your development process.Why? Because to learn a new habit, it's important to:

  • Practice every working day: consistency is key.

  • Start with something so small we can't say no: we all can find 15 minutes.

  • Increase the change incrementally: 1% gain daily adds up fast.

  • Never skip two days in a row: getting fast on the track is key to success.

During those 15 minutes, you'll discover some theory, and more importantly, you'll practice. Either on specially designed exercises or directly on our production code.15 minutes a day is effective. You can't wake up one day and say, "OK, from now on, I'll TDD". That won't work. You'd be ineffective, lost, and disgusted by the practice.15 minutes a day is small enough to be done daily without disturbing your current work and, at the same time, effective enough to think, reflect and initiate changes in your development practice.As the weeks go on, you will feel more and more comfortable with TDD so that you will extend the duration of the sessions by yourself, without anyone asking you and without it hurting your productivity; quite the contrary. At some point, TDD will become your #1 way to code.

What about the requisites?

To participate in this TDD training, you should be proficient with an OOP language. Whether it is Javascript, Java, Python, Typescript, Java, C#, C++, PHP, Kotlin, Dart, or Ruby, it doesn't matter.While you don't need to be a testing master, it is important to have some familiarity with basic testing concepts and practices. You have already written one test in your developer life, and you know the theoretical benefits of testing. However, TDD 15 will cover the fundamental principles and practices of testing, including how to write practical unit tests, so students new to testing will still be able to learn and apply TDD.You can book 15 minutes in your day for three months. The training is self-paced so that you can work at your own pace and schedule. You will need to dedicate time and effort to complete the course and fully master TDD, but the rewards of increased efficiency and improved code quality will be well worth it.Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, this training will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to apply TDD confidently in your work.

About me

Hey! I'm Julien Janvier, senior software engineer & technical coach.I've been a software engineer for 14 years, and I've been using TDD daily for nearly 10 years. Test-Driven Development is, by far, THE most important thing I've learned as a software engineer. It changed my working life, and I sincerely believe it could change yours.It took me years to properly test-drive my developments. I read hundreds of articles, posts, and books, watched tens of videos and wrote tens of thousands of tests to get there. I went from no tests to test last to test first to discover and master TDD finally. I failed many times and struggled to change my habits. But I don't regret anything; it was worth the price.This training prevents you from following the same complex path as me. This course is precisely how I wish I had learned TDD 10 years ago. This training will help you acquire 10 years of knowledge in just a few months.


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